Rongsheng Technology Group Organized a Special Training On Boiler Knowledge

In order to solidify the foundation of boiler knowledge for front-line personnel and better provide professional technical support for customers' boiler construction in terms of resistant materials, Rongsheng Technology Group recently organized a special training on boiler knowledge, which was reported and conducted by the boiler team of the Department of Domestic Trade, with a total of more than 30 employees from the Department of Domestic Trade, Department of Foreign Trade, Department of Electricity and Department of Operations attending the training.

The speaker firstly introduced the topic of this report, and vividly talked about the experience and feeling of working in the front line of circulating fluidized bed boiler project in Luyi. Then he shared the basic knowledge of circulating fluidized bed boiler systematically from the definition, usage and main structure of circulating fluidized bed boiler, and gave a professional and detailed explanation of the knowledge points that need to be mastered in the work. Then the speaker combined with professional knowledge of refractory materials to explain the operation principle of circulating fluidized bed boiler parts and the selection, application and construction of refractory materials, and finally shared with the partners the common problems and their communication skills when communicating with customers with their own experience, and the partners expressed their benefits and insights.

After the sharing of the boiler group report, the general manager of the group, Mr. Wang, made a summary of the report and gave detailed answers to the questions about boilers encountered by the relevant sales staff in their daily work, combining their own years of experience.

Iron needs its own hardness, no need to raise the whip from the hoof. Wang stressed that to become a qualified service personnel in the industry of resistant materials, the first thing to do is to consolidate the foundation, do a good job in the reserve of professional knowledge of resistant materials, usually read more cases, remember more knowledge of resistant materials, think more about some professional details, the critical moment will not be at a loss, ask three questions. Secondly, to open up the horizons and take a long view, to learn and grasp the industry knowledge related to the service of resistant materials systematically, this boiler knowledge learning is just a starting point, the real learning needs to be hard work by each person himself. Finally, Mr. Wang combined his own experience with specific situations, and explained in detail the customer communication problems encountered by sales and promotion personnel in their daily work by using the example analysis method.

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