The Research Activities of Rongsheng Refractory

From April 28th to 29th, Henan Rongsheng Technology Group organized group headquarters employees to go to the Hongqi Canal Red Education Base in Linzhou City, Henan Province, to carry out a two-day educational and research activity on the theme of the spirit of the Red Flag Canal, to learn and feel the spirit of the Red Flag Canal in depth.


At the opening ceremony, Chukoqi, chairman of the group, delivered a mobilization speech and awarded the class flag. Mr. Chu emphasized that the purpose of this research activity is to let everyone experience the spirit of the Red Flag Canal in person, with a view to integrating the Red Flag Canal spirit of "self-reliance, hard work, unity and collaboration, and selfless dedication" into our corporate culture, so that it can become a booster for the group. An inexhaustible driving force for sustainable and healthy development.



First of all, everyone came to the first stop of this event, the Hongqi Canal Memorial Hall, and visited the precious photos left during the construction of the canal. Under the guidance of the commentator, the canal construction process of that year was reviewed through five exhibition halls: Millennium Drought Demon, Red Flag Leadership, Taihang Monument, Great Changes in Mountains and Rivers, and Eternal Spirit. Vivid historical photos record the perseverance of the Linzhou people's hard work; each precious canal construction cultural relic silently expresses the Linzhou people's tenacious will to conquer nature, and demonstrates the party's ten years of hard work and transformation of the Linzhou people. The shocking scenes of rivers and mountains also sang the strongest voice of the Red Flag Canal.



Afterwards, everyone followed the red ribbon to the Youth Cave, the throat project of the main canal of the Red Flag Canal. By listening to explanations, observing objects, seeing real scenes, and walking the long canal, they experienced the profound connotation of the spirit of the Red Flag Canal. Walking beside the Red Flag Canal, which was completed half a century ago, one after another inscriptions on the mountain wall and scenes of canal construction scenes appeared one after another. Everyone could not help but sigh at the red flag of the ancestors' "self-reliance, hard work, unity and cooperation, and selfless dedication". His spirit. Through on-the-spot observation and study, everyone truly felt the hardships of Linzhou people's entrepreneurship, deepened their knowledge and understanding of the spirit of the Red Flag Canal, and strengthened their belief in inheriting and carrying forward this spirit.




In the early morning of April 29, facing the morning dew and the chirping of birds in the mountains, all the students went to the Taihang Mountain Grand Canyon to conduct a unique observation and teaching tour. Walking in the majestic Taihang Mountains, in the Peach Blossom Valley and Taihang Heavenly Road, you can feel the new era picture of beautiful rural construction of "Beautiful Taihang", and explore the mountain people's spirit of self-reliance and hard work to get rich.



In the afternoon, the students first visited the Carrying Pole Spiritual Memorial Hall. They listened to the stories of supply and marketing cooperative people's entrepreneurship in difficult environments, and looked at the old shoulder poles and old baskets displayed one after another. They felt that generations of supply and marketing cooperatives relied on the The spirit of the pole is condensed with hard work and sweat. With a pair of iron shoulders and a pair of iron feet, they climbed mountains and ridges and visited villages. The shoulder pole spirit of "hard work, diligence and thrift in running a company, dedication to the people, pioneering and innovation" that they have practiced for decades has been deeply imprinted on them. in the hearts of the students.


A great cause calls for a great spirit, and a great spirit promotes a great cause. The Red Flag Canal has flowed all the way from the 1960s to today, and the spirit of the Red Flag Canal it embodies has become more and more dazzling over the years. Through this immersive visit and study, Rongsheng people also truly felt the greatness and hardship of the Hongqi Canal project. Their hearts were shocked, their thoughts were baptized, and their spirits were inspired. Everyone expressed that they should integrate the spirit of the Red Flag Canal into work and life, use the spirit of the Red Flag Canal as a guide, be brave enough to face challenges, overcome difficulties, constantly improve themselves, and contribute to personal growth and corporate development.


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