Silicon Carbide Crucible

Description of Silicon Carbide Crucible:

    As a kind of advanced refractory product, silicon carbide sagger is the ideal refractory material in the powder metallurgy industry (large sponge iron tunnel kiln). The silicon carbide sagger produced by Rongsheng Group uses 98% high-grade silicon carbide raw materials, and a special process is added to the selection of raw materials to ensure the high purity of the raw materials.
    Silicon carbide sagger produced by Rongsheng Group have the characteristics of good flexibility, not easy to crack, and long service life, and also the large capacity of the sagger increases the output, guarantees the quality, saves labor and lots of costs.
   The company has successively supplied customers in more than 60 countries. Through our company's continuous improvement of products and strict control of the production process, the stability of product quality has been improved, so that customers can get real benefits and have won unanimous praise from users.

Technique Data

Technical Data of Silicon Carbide Crucible:

4Bulk Density in g/cm3≥2.60
5Cold Crushing Strength(MPa)≥100
6Apparent Porosity(%)≤18

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