Inorganic Thermal Insulating Board Series

A) Low thermal conductivity, more energy saving

B) No shrinkage and small gap after heating

C)High strength and wide range of use


Inorganic Thermal Insulating Board Series:

Inorganic thermal insulating board series is a new type of refractory insulation material

processed by large automatic continuous production line using pure inorganic materials. The

working temperature is from 900℃ to 1300℃, and it can be used for the back lining of

various industrial furnaces, which is a good choice for the heat insulation of furnaces. The

bulk density of 0.35?0.6 g/cm3 can be produced, which fills the gap in China. At 350

degrees, the thermal conductivity can be controlled within the range of 0.11 ?0.13W/(m.K),

and the strength can be controlled within the range of 1-2MPa, and the maximum processing size can be 1*2m.

Main Features:

A) Low thermal conductivity, more energy saving. The composition structure has nano-micro porosity, which makes the product have good thermal insulation performance.

B) No shrinkage and small gap after heating. The permanent linear change rate after heating does not exceed 0.5% within the specified working temperature, and does not shrink in long-term use. The heating permanent line change rate of ordinary insulation board reaches 2%-3%, and the shrinkage is more than 4 times that of inorganic insulation board.

C)Completely fiber-free, organic-free, all inorganic materials, no chalking and no performance degradation with long-term.

D) High strength and wide range of use.Compared with ordinary thermal insulation board, it has better cold crushing strength, which is more than 3 times, and also has good strength after burning. It can be used in high temperature for a long time, which is safer and wider range of


E) No stimulation to human body, no pollution to the environment, convenient, healthy and eco-friendly.

F)Good quality control, high capacity, no environmental policy restrictions and guaranteed delivery time.

Typical Applications:

Application: It can be used for back lining insulation of furnaces, including heat treatment furnace and rolling steel heating furnace in metallurgical industry, roller kiln in ceramic industry, decomposition furnace in cement industry, electrolytic tank in electrolytic aluminum industry,cracking furnace in chemical industry.

A) Backing Plate of Roller Kiln in Ceramic Industry

Application: Ceramic roller kiln wall insulation backing plate, bottom backing insulation.

Alternative of following: 1260 aluminium silicate fiber board, 1400 aluminium silicate fibre board.

Advantage: less shrinkage, less chalking, less decay of performance and higher cost performance.

B) Regenerators of Glass Industry

Application: Furnace wall insulation of Regenerator of glass kiln.

Alternative of following: 1260 aluminium silicate fiber board, 1400 aluminium silicate fibre board.

Advantage: no shrinkage, less degradation of performance, all inorganic.

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