RS500 internal Insulating Coating

RS500 internal Insulating Coating:

The RS500 insulating coating is a special coating developed by Rongsheng according to the special working environment 

which can be safely used at 500c for a long time.t is suitable for painting the surface of many industries with different working conditions

 and various substrates and has many advantages such as fire retardant, anti-corrosion, acid resistance, alkali resistance, insulation protection, etc. 

The coating uses the latest nano technology to reduce the heat loss rate up to 60% and even more. After the coating is completely cured. it forms a coating with 

ultra-low thermal conductivity, thus achieving the effect of reducing heat loss at work.

The product is composed of high-temperature adhesive, high-temperature nano-insulation materials,various high-temperature fillers and special additives, 

which can work in the environment below 500℃ for a long time to insulate and keep heat for equipment and reduce heat loss. The coating is used for heat insulation 

and heat preservation,and the coating can reduce heat loss by 60% after coating compared with no coating. 

This coating can effectively prevent the erosion of acidic and alkaline gases when applied to the interior walls of kilns such as cement kilns and sulfuric acid boiling furnaces.

Compared with other products,Rongsheng insulating coating has the following advantages:

(1) It can be used up to 500℃, has high strength and will not separate from the metal material.

(2)The coating can be applied directly to the metal surface, requiring only simple rust removal and no other treatment operations.

(3)The coating can be applied to all inorganic materials such as metal, brick. concrete, wood. fiberglass. he coating is nor-combustible and has a Class A fire rating.

No harmful substances, VOC and other components, construction and use process will not cause harm to human body.

Technique Data



Main Components

Nano materials,silicate compounds

Coating Thickness


Adhesion Strength


Construction Method

Spraying,Brushing Rolling


0.35W/m ·K

Reflectance Rate


Fire Protection Level

Class A, incombustible

Construction Temperature




Comprehensive Density


Acid Resistance


Water Resistance

Avoid Long-term Immersion In Water

Hardness of Dry Coating Film

Mohs Hardness 6H

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