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1.R&D Background:

Thermal industry is the foundation of all industries,refractories are the basic materials in the field of thermal industry,widely used in iron and steel,cement,glass,building material,ceramic,petroleum,chemical industry,new energy,electric power,automobile, machinery and other industrial production and manufacturing. With the national “emission peak,carbon neutrality”strategy continues to promote,energy-saving products market demand surge, the traditional high-temperature insulation materials itself is deficient, there is an urgent need for upgrading.

After years of market research,Rongsheng found that there are such chaotic phenomena in theindustry, such as the unstable quality of traditional thermal insulation bricks, poor performance of product insulation.etc.. which bring a number of huge losses to thermal kilns and owners. To this end,we break the traditional concepts,after more than a decade of efforts,successfully developed micro-nano insulation products,to help the manufacturing industry to realize the transformation and upgrading of safe,efficient, eco-friendly and innovative.

2.Products Iteration

Refractory Products Iteration.png

3.Performance Comparison


     After the ordinary clay lightweight insulating brick with a bulk density of 0.6 g/m3  and the micro-nano insulating brick with a bulk density of 0.5 g/m3 were burned simultaneously at 1050℃ for 3 hours, the ordinary clay lightweight insulating brick shrank from 230mm to 190mm and the brick was severely deformed, while the micto-nano insulating brick did not change in size and its appearance was intact.


    The lightweight clay insulating brick with bulk density of 0.6 g/cm3 and the micro-nano insulating brick with bulk density of 0.5 g/cm3 were observed under the microscope, and most of the porosity of the lightweight clay insulating brick are through porosity and the brick structure is loose, while the porosity of the micro-nano insulating brick are closed nano-level porosity and the structure is dense.

4.Benefit Analysis

Assuming that the temperature inside the furnace is 900°C, the temperature of the external environment is 30°C, and under the condition of no wind, compare the temperature difference between the outer wall of the same 300mm thickness of 1000 type lightweight insulating bricks and the same price of ordinary lightweight insulating bricks as refractory insulating layer,and compare the thickness difference of the furnace wall of both materials when the outer wall temperature reaches 80°C, the detailed comparison parameters are as follows:

(1)When the wall thickness is all 300mm:



The actual measured data when the wall thickness of two different materials is 300mm, the data are compared as follows:

a. With Rongsheng lightweight thermal insulation bricks, the temperature of the outer wall is 70°C (low);

b. With ordinary lightweight heat-insulating bricks, the outside wall temperature is 83°C (high).

The difference of outside wall temperature: 13°C↓.

Conclusion: Rongsheng lightweight thermal insulation bricks reduce the outer wall temperature by 18.57%↓.

(2)When the outside wall temperature is 80°C:



The actual measured data, when the temperature of the outside wall reaches 80°C, the data are compared as follows:

1.Using Rongsheng light-weight thermal insulation bricks, only 210mm thick (thin) is needed;

2.Using ordinary light-weight thermal insulation bricks, 330mm thick (thick) is needed.

The difference of wall thickness: 120mm↓.

Conclusion: Rongsheng light-weight thermal insulation bricks reduce the thickness of furnace wall by 57.14%↓.

5. Our New Insulating Refractory Products:

New Micro-nano Insulating Brick Series.jpgUltra-high Strength Nano Insulation Block.jpgUltra-lightweight Alumina Bubble Brick.jpg

Ultra-high Strength Nano-grade Insulating Castables.jpgUltra-lightweight Insulating Castable Series.jpgHigh-temperature High-strength Lightweight Nano-Aggregate.jpg

Inorganic Thermal Insulating Board Series.jpginternal Insulating Coating.jpgOsmotic-High Efficiency Reinforcing Modifying Agent.jpg

Technique Data

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