Osmotic-High Efficiency Reinforcing Modifying Agent

Osmotic-High Efficiency Reinforcing Modifying Agent:

1.Product Features

Spraying this product on the fiber surface can make the surface form a hardened layer, thus achieving the following characteristics:

(1) lt can significantly improve the strength of the working surface of refractory fiber products and increase the surface resistance to scouring.

(2) Effectively solve the problem of fiber pulverization, can significantly improve the service life of fiber products.

(3) It can effectively inhibit the shrinkage of fiber products and effectively reduce the phenomenon of fire penetration from the furnace body.

The product penetrates into the interior of fiber products, forming a hardened layer on the surface that is essentially different from a coating and will never come off over time.

As the porosity structure of ceramic fiber is penetrating porosity, there will be heat convection in the heat transfer process for positive or negative pressure furnace. When the modifying agent penetrates the fiber surface, it will improve the porosity structure of the fiber surface and

block the convective heat transfer, thus reducing the temperature of the outer wall and achieving more energy-saving effect.


Large furnace cover, ladle cover, chemical industry heating furnace, hot blast furnace, hot air duct large shuttle kiln, heat treatment furnace, industrial electric furnace, etc.

Technique Data



Product Name

Osmotic-High Efficiency Reinforcing Modifying Agent RS-GXJ1



Al2O3+SiO2,after drying,%




Product Form


Shelf Life

6 months at 0-45℃

Project Cases
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