Industrial silicon is also called silicon metal is silver gray or dark gray metallic luster and is made of quartz and other materials containing more than Sio2 98.50%.

Industrial silicon has a wide range of uses and is a basic industrial raw material. It is widely used in many industries and fields, mainly used in aerospace, aviation,

electronics, chemical industry, smelting, thermalinsulation refractory and other industries.


1. The silicon block is mainly used for Aluminum Alloy ingot smelting,Automobile hub, cases,etc.

2. It is the main raw material of trichlorohydrosilicon, polycrystalline silicon, organosilicon and silica sol.

3. It is the essential ingredients for special steel, stainless steel, silicon steel.

Product: 553#,521#,421#,3303#,2202# etc

Particle size: 10-100mm,10-50mm, 0-3mm, 2-6mm and 3-10mm,etc.

Technique Data

Technique Data of Silicon Metal Lumps:


Project Cases
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