Ultra-lightweight Alumina Bubble Brick

(1) Lower bulk density

(2) Better thermal shock stability

(3) Extremely low thermal conductivity


Ultra-lightweight Alumina Bubble Brick:

Compared with ordinary alumina bubble bricks, our ultra-lightweight alumina bubble bricks have the following characteristics:

(1) Lower bulk density. Compared with ordinary alumina bubble bricks with 99% AI2O3 content and a bulk density of at least 1.5 g/cm3, ultra-lightweight alumina bubble bricks can reduce the weight of the furnace body sufficiently to save material, energy and cost;

(2) Better thermal shock stability compared to ordinary alumina bubble bricks with a bulk density of 1.5 g/cm3 and AI2O3≥99%;

(3) Extremely low thermal conductivity, only 30% of traditional products, At 400℃, the thermal conductivity of hot surface of traditional alumina bubble brick with bulk density of 1.5g/cm3 and AI2O3≥ 99% is 0.78w/(m.K), while the thermal conductivity of furnace hot side of Rongsheng's ultra-lightweight alumina bubble brick is 0.26w/(m.K), and its thermal insulation effect is 3 times of the traditional one. The use of ultra-lightweight alumina bubble bricks can make lower cold side temperatures under the same requirement of insulation layer thickness and greater energy saving, or thinner insulation layer under the same requirement of cold side temperature.

(4)It can be used directly in the working layer of the furnace, and has strong resistance to the erosion of hydrogen fluoride in the furnace for anode material.

Technique Data







TC,400℃(W/m ·K)


PLC (1500℃*6),%


Al2O3,  %


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